Knowingly or unconsciously, some Quinceaneras end up losing a screw or two during Quince planning.

Who can blame them? The emotionally and physically toll this process takes on them and their parents and padrinos, can obviously make them snap at any given point.

This is not to say all Quinceaneras have an excuse to be rude but if they act that way, it is somewhat understandable.

Take a look and see if you’re guilty of committing the next five annoying things and make sure you find a way to reduce the quinzilla currently living within you.


Quinceaneras Love to Complaint about Quince Planning

Gurl! You knew this would be a hard task to take on! No matter how big or small your celebration will be, the logistics of it all are hard to deal with specially if you’re planning it on your own.

How to tackle this annoyance? Create a XV Planning committee to make sure there are several friends and family members available to help.


Quinceaneras Stress Out Over E-V-E-R-Y Little Thing

The biggest mistake they all do, is worry about all the things that could go wrong or all the things that are not exactly under their power. Like, what if it rains? What if the food is served late?

How to tackle this annoyance? Explain to the catering staff your fear so they make sure to serve dinner on time and plan ahead in case of a weather mishap (Canopies for an outdoors Quince?)


Quinceaneras Change Their Minds Every 3 Seconds

They select a theme plus a color palette, then drop the theme and keep the color combination, then drop both and choose a brand new theme. In the meantime, mom over here is going crazy because they must choose an invitation design to request the order ASAP!

How to tackle this annoyance? Do your research well in advance and check out trends around the season in which you will celebrate your Quince.


Quinceaneras Act Overly Dramatic If Things Aren’t Going as Smooth as Expected

How many times have we heard “OMG I can’t even!!! What do you mean the venue does not have mint green tablecloths so they’re doing sea foam green instead?!?!” It is all a matter of shades, relax!

How to tackle this annoyance? If the color palette in your head must match to perfection, then plan way in advance to go over every shade with all participating vendors prior to your Quince.


Quinceaneras Cry and Rage Like a Toddler

When everything fails and you’re under a lot of stress the next thing to do is mostly to cry or throw a tantrum, right? Not really, I mean there is nothing wrong with crying to release some of the accumulated stress but…

How to tackle this annoyance? If you’re planning on behaving like a tantrum-throwing toddler make sure to do it behind closed doors and in privacy.



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